pi Metaverse

PI metaverse is a virtual reality world built on PI network blockchain ecology. It includes a fully operational economy, as well as avatars and digital asset systems. PI metaverse will be decentralized, and many companies and individuals will operate their own virtual space in PI metaverse. Other characteristics of PI metaverse include digital persistence and synchronization, which means that all events in PI metaverse occur in real time and have a permanent impact. The PI metaverse ecosystem contains user centric elements such as avatar identity, content creation, virtual economy, social acceptability, security and privacy, and trust and responsibility.

PI metaverse has many application possibilities. An ideal PI metaverse will allow users to carry out any experience or activity from a single starting point, or solve almost all their needs, so PI metaverse can be applied to anything when it is completed.

In the commercial field, PI metaverse can be used in the virtual office platform, and users can conduct virtual collaboration in the 3D universe simulating the office environment. Examples include Facebook’s horizon workrooms and Microsoft’s mesh. This can further enable employees to carry out virtual work anywhere and reduce the need to live in the city.

In the field of education, PI metaverse can be used to conduct field visits anywhere and at any historical point. In 2021, NVIDIA is developing a PI metaverse infrastructure project called Omniverse, which will allow developers around the world to cooperate in real time to create PI metaverse content creation software. Together labs is also studying the technology of creating realistic avatars, which can use artificial intelligence to revive historical figures.

In the field of real estate, PI metaverse can be used to visit virtual houses. Buyers will be able to visit houses anywhere in the world at their home through PI metaverse. NFT virtual real estate is also a new market. An example is “Mars house”, an NFT house sold for $500000 in 2021.

Business owners will also be able to participate in PI metaverse. They can provide virtual physical facilities and upgraded online shopping experience. Customers can visit virtual shopping malls and try virtual three-dimensional items commensurate with the size of real life, which can reduce the uncertainty of products when shopping online. At present, the existing application technology includes virtual reality (VR), and the brain computer interface technology is expected to be applied to virtual reality in the future.

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